Ramana Balachandhran



Smt. Sharanya Balachandhran

My mother, Smt Sharanya Balachandhran, and my first vocal Guru. She was a dedicated teacher who taught whatever she knew with honesty and love

Shri. Balachandhran

My father, Shri Balachandhran, my current Guru. A constant guiding force, and the most sensible, rounded critic I can ever have. He guides me extensively in manodharma, and I owe much of the thought behind my musicality to him.

Smt. Nagalakshmi Balasubramanian

Smt Nagalakshmi Balasubramanian, my first veena Guru. She introduced me to the basic techniques of playing the instrument. She was like a grandmother to me.

Smt. Neela Ramgopal

Smt Neela Ramgopal from whom I took vocal lessons for over a year. I got to learn some interesting kritis and varnams from her.

Shri. Ranganatha Chakravarhy

Shri Ranganatha Chakravarhy, my mridangam Guru. My entry into the thinking world of layam was through Ranganath sir, and am indebted to him for that.

Shri. Raju

Shri Raju, my primary veena maker. He is an extremely hardworking man with a few hundred Veenas to work on at any point in time! That’s how busy the man is.

Shri. Balaji

Shri Balaji. He built the veena I used for the first US travel. he is also assisted us with our Veena design experimentation.

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