Ramana Balachandhran


Ramana Balachandhran

Saraswati Veena Virtuoso

Step into the captivating world of Ramana Balachandhran, the virtuoso veena player who has uniquely harnessed the intricate nuances of this ancient instrument. With his innate understanding of the veena, Ramana creates a mesmerizing and emotionally evocative experience for his audiences, blending traditional styles of Indian classical music with his own unique interpretation. 

As a passionate ambassador of Indian classical music, Ramana shares the beauty and depth of this rich musical heritage with audiences around the world. On his website, you can learn more about Ramana’s journey, listen to his soulful recordings, his other musical pursuits, book him for performances and more. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of Ramana’s veena music and discover the timeless beauty of Indian classical music.

Latest releases

Silver Linings

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Curtain Fall

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Once Bitten

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